Wednesday, October 21, 2020

2 new floors for 21-23 Avenue B

You've likely noticed the gut-renovating action taking place at 21-23 Avenue B in recent months.

Workers are adding two new floors to the existing structure here between Second Street and Third Street, as the rendering on the plywood sort of shows...
Documents filed with the Department of Buildings show approved permits (dated July 1) to "split existing old law tenement building into two separate buildings."

The approved work permits also show that the residential space for No. 21 and 23 — to feature seven units in each building — will increase to 6,300 square feet (condos?)...  In total, there will be 2,000 square feet for commercial tenants.

According to public records, Icon Realty picked up the properties in the fall of 2018 for $10.3 million.


Neighbor said...

Ah! So thats what is happening here. Those renderings are not clear at all. I assume there will be commercial space at the bottom but its unclear by looking at the rendering.

Anonymous said...

Such a strange thing to do, so much work

Anonymous said...

Icon Realty is owned by Terrance Lowenberg. He is one of the new breed of young rich slumlords that have infiltrated the East Village over the past decade. Lowenberg is right up there with Jared Kushner.