Saturday, October 17, 2020

At the XR Youth NYC flea market in Tompkins Square Park today

Members of the the XR Youth NYC hosted a flea market/clothing swap today in Tompkins Square Park (check out the group's Instagram account for info on upcoming events) ... EVG contributor Stacie Joy shared these photos...


Anonymous said...

Today’s youth are so stinking cute

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm sure I will catch crap for this but here goes:

First, I am all for this flea market. 'Glad these kids are selling stuff, donating most of the proceeds, and making some cash thus learning the value of a dollar by earning one. I am all for it.

However, I see a double standard here. These mostly white kids with homes selling their wares thus making money on public property (yeah making $4 from a $10 sale is still profiteering) is ok but the vendors (sone if not mostly or all homeless) on Avenue A a few blocks above the park are so-called "vagabond vendors" and criminals who should be driven out even though they're there only because people buy their so-called "junk." They wouldn't be there if people didn't buy their wares. Everything in quotes is from Dean Moses the jerk who wrote a despicable article about these vendors in which has become an increasingly NY Postian news site. He demonized them because they don't fit in with t/his delusional vision of the East Village and NYC as some squeaky clean luxury utopia for the monied.

Leave those vendors alone! And spare me they're violent. They don't shit where they eat. Let them sell stuff. COVID 19 risk my ass. Millenials drinking, yelling, nonstop talking maskless huddled together in front of and now inside of bars is a C19 risk - go hassle them.