Friday, October 16, 2020

The Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition looking for a few good volunteers

As we move further into fall, the Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition is seeking volunteers to help set up barricades in the mornings/evenings along Avenue B between Sixth Street and 14th Street. 

If you're interested in volunteering to be an Avenue B Open Streets Ambassador, then you can find a sign-up sheet here

The group, described as "a community-led program providing safe, socially distanced recreation for our neighborhood," formed back in the summer, and have led efforts to paint and repair the colorful barriers seen along the Avenue...

The group also has a Twitter and Instagram account that you can monitor for updates.

The city announced the Open Street plan in late May to help residents safely get some fresh air while social distancing.

Photos courtesy of the Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition


Andy said...

Our state assemblyman Harvey Epstein's office overlooks that intersection so I hope he's helping.

Anonymous said...

Cars, trucks, bicycles and e bikes all still pass through the Avenue. I understand the idea behind open streets, but I don’t see and kids or adults ever play or do anything on Avenue B except to cross the street.

They should just find an area to block off for good and make something out of the space instead of what’s happening now.