Tuesday, October 20, 2020

AO Bowl signage arrives on St. Mark's Place

Workers put up the signage yesterday for AO Bowl, a quick-serve, plant-based Japanese restaurant specializing in acai and rice bowls and smoothies here at 131 First Ave. (aka 82 St. Mark's Place).

We first mentioned this arrival in July 2019 (previously going as 
Eiyō Bowl). The AO Instagram account lists an October 2020 opening.

Workers have gutted this single-level structure on the corner ... and dividing the storefront into three retail spaces. The other new tenant here will be the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The previous occupant, Foot Gear Plus, closed in July 2018 at this time after nearly 40 years in business.

Thanks to Steven for the photo!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that dumplings automat supposed to open months ago already?

Ronnie said...

Anon 10:17 I was thinking the same thing, what happened to that high concept venture?!?

Anonymous said...

i thought at first this was going to be a bowling venue and got excited for a second...