Thursday, October 29, 2020

Con Ed work temporarily shutters Cafe Himalaya and Prim Thai

Running a restaurant during the pandemic is obviously challenging enough... Cafe Himalaya has had its share of challenges in recent months, including having someone break into the 18-year-old Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant on First Street here between Avenue A and First Avenue and steal the cash drawer.

On Tuesday, owner Karma Dolma discovered that Con Ed will be doing emergency work on the building — forcing Cafe Himalaya and neighbor Prim Thai to close in the interim. 

Con Ed said that they will need at least a week, which in Con Ed time, means a lot longer. Probably. (And yes — this sucks for the residents too.)

We'll update when the two places will be able to reopen.

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Con Ed is the utility that time forgot. They seem to work in another dimension.