Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Someone stole the cash resister from Cafe Himalaya

 On Sunday morning, the owners of Cafe Himalaya, the Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant at 78 E. First St. between Avenue A and First Avenue, arrived at the space to find that someone had broken the front lock ... and walked away with the cash register.

The owners posted about it on Instagram... and thanked patrons for offering support:

While this burglary adds to the already difficult year for a small business like ours, we’re just glad that nothing else was taken or damaged.

Thank you so much for your generous offer to donate through Venmo/gofundme — your generosity is truly appreciated. 
However, the most sustainable and impactful way to support us would be to dine here, order delivery, or takeout. And tell your friends/family too! It’s truly the best way to show your love. (But if you happen to have an extra cash register lying around then we’ll gladly take it.)

The family-owned restaurant is open Tuesday-Sunday from 1-10 p.m. Find their website here. Or call: 212.358.0160.

EVG photo from May. And H/T Steph!


Anonymous said...

Grr. I will be there to support one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Also love this place, sorry to hear the news.

Jill W said...

Love their momo's! This is a wonderful local place with low-key vibe. Bummer about this, but agree, ordering from them is a great way to support.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for rejecting unnecessary mob handouts. Will have dinner there this week.

Anonymous said...

....... pretty sure area has ample cams ! This is just terrible. great monos

Anonymous said...

Mango lassi! Butter tea! Paratha and Ngopa. The best!