Friday, October 28, 2022

'Teenage' kicks


For the Halloween weekend... the Cramps with "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" ... with live footage from August 1980 and  "Urgh! A Music War." (Not the best-quality video, unfortunately.)

The song also makes an appearance in "Halloween Kills," which you really don't heed to see. 


Anonymous said...

Cramps rule - thanks for posting this !

Anonymous said...

Lux Interior is my co-pilot

XTC said...

Cramps were one of the most insanely fun and deranged live bands I've ever had to the pleasure to see. Lux could be a bit of a clown but that Swamp Rock stomp could rock the shit out of you until your bones fell off and your head exploded.............."All aboard for the Drug Train.......Woo-woo!!!"


Anonymous said...

Saw them at the Roxy in LA on Halloween night '97, and in NYC on Halloween '98. Can't remember the venue. Fantastically crazy shows.