Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Halloween Pop-Up Store pops up on Avenue A

Photos by Stacie Joy 

A pop-up shop for the Halloween season is now open at 70 Avenue A between Fourth Street and Fifth Street (in the vacant storefront between Cafe Social 68 and Mast). 

This is the second year here for the shop, run again by some local entrepreneurs. 

EVG contributor Stacie Joy paid a visit the other day...
There are some discounts here: 10% off for students, and 10% off for all EV residents with ID. The shop is open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Oct. 31. 

And while Stacie was there, workers opened up a package intended for a shop in South Carolina... in case you needed a child-size costume of a Confederate officer...


Edmund J Dunn said...

An appropriate costume for one's young boy to coplay a Confederate officer and reminisce on "The War of Northern Aggression". Notice that the hat and sword are "optional accessories". I guess the KKK costume didn't make up north as well. Pity.


@Ed Why fiddle de dee! That little Lucifer T. Stonewall Sugarbaker will perfectly compliment my Scarlett O'Hara costume ;)

What's funny is that nobody seems to have a problem with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume, the movie of course inspired by Ed Gein who makes Jeffrey Dahmer's crimes look pale in comparison.

Anyway, I'm about to be fitted for a bustle at 11. Gotta skedaddle and hippity hop!

Anonymous said...

I went there today at 11 and they were still not open at noon!?