Sunday, October 30, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with an ad for "Halloween Ends" at the 2nd Avenue F stop) ... 

• RIP Peter Schjeldahl (Wednesday

• Deadly shooting reported at Campos Plaza (Thursday

• El Rinconcito closer to opening on Avenue C (Tuesday

• A look at Thayer, a new cafe-bookstore opening soon on Avenue B (Thursday

• At the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Festival (Monday

• An early morning robbery at Desi Galli (Friday

• The city removes the curbside structure from outside Pinky's Space on 1st Street (Friday)

• The East Village Mermaid Inn is now closed until the spring (Friday)

• Pruning day for the great wisteria of Stuyvesant Street (Monday

• After nearly 30 years, Meg has left the East Village (Monday)

• Memphis Seoul coming to 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• Looking at the past, present and future of curbside dining (Wednesday)

• Village Grannies is closing on 9th Street (Thursday)

• Plywood arrives ahead of Gen Korean BBQ House on 14th Street and 3rd Avenue (Monday)

• Kōbo by Nai watch on Avenue A (Thursday)

• Mealz debuts on 14th Street (Monday

• Openings: Sushi Mumi on St. Mark's Place (Wednesday

• About Brix Wine Bar, coming soon to Clinton Street (Wednesday

... and thanks to Richard Megna for sharing this photo from Sara D. Roosevelt Park... where the bench is either very uncomfortable or someone has really tight hamstrings...
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