Friday, March 3, 2023

A look at 'Vital Impetus' at Azure Arts

Photos by Stacie Joy

Azure Arts is now showing "Vital Impetus," a group exhibition of photographic and mixed media works by local artists via curator Elizabeth Chatham. 

From left to right: Alice Garik ... Gina Kropf ... Elizabeth Chatham ... and jdx...
... Garik
... Kropf
... Chatham
... and jdx
Here's the official explanation of the show
The exhibition derives its title and curatorial theme from a concept élan vital (vital impetus), a term coined by French philosopher Henri Bergson. Rather than simply adhering to a set of mechanistic laws, Bergson contended that life has an inherent drive or impulse toward creativity, growth, and innovation. 
While his philosophy emphasizes the role of individual experience, i.e. consciousness, and creativity in this process, it also sees the 'self' as fundamentally connected to others. The 'self,' for Bergson, stands in dynamic relation to others. It is not static and unchanging but evolving constantly through its interactions with others.

Moving within and between photographic genres, "Vital Impetus" explores this relationship between the creative self and its dynamic relationship with others. The works featured in this exhibition indicate some of the near infinite ways to communicate who one is and how we seek to connect — or not connect — with others.
Azure Arts is at 5 Rivington St. between the Bowery and Chrystie. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

The show closes on March 13. is now extended through the end of March!


Karen Tighe said...

GREAT TO SEE so many Galleries and so much Art again in Alphabet City.

Did prices go down for some store fronts?? or they have tons of cash.. Either way happy to have art!

We have two awesome galleries on AVE B and 5th Gratin and forgetting Name of one on 4th and B- HALF GALLERY.. LOVE IT!

No more chains.. no more Smoke shops.. we do not even need more Delis. We have Sunny and Annie's, The deli on 4th and B for Bacon/Egg Cheese!

Gina kropf said...

We've extended our stay until the end of the Month! Come through March.