Tuesday, March 7, 2023

For sale: 171 1st Ave., home of Momofuku and the only cast-iron building in the East Village

There's a new listing for 171 First Ave., the 5-story building between 10th Street and 11th Street. 

Here are the details via Avison Young
171 First Avenue, the only cast-iron property in the East Village, spans 10,674 gross square feet and consists of five total units across five stories. The ground floor space (and lower level) is occupied by Momofuku Noodle Bar, which is owned and operated by notorious restaurateur David Chang. There are four FM loft-style residential units across floors 2-5. 
Asking price: $10.59 million. 

Chang opened Noodle Bar here in 2004.

In 2019, a Miami real-estate investor bought both 169 and 171 First Ave. for $14 million, per the Post.

Image via Avison Young


Anonymous said...

Noodle Bar opened in 2004 down the block at 163 1st Ave (currently occupied by HAGS). It moved to 171 1st Ave in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I'm used to people misusing "infamous" when they mean to say "famous," but this is a first seeing "notorious" in the place of "notable." Did he, uh, do something wrong, besides being a successful chef?

Anonymous said...

Right there with you 12:11pm, I thought the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 12:11 & 1:00, it jumped out at me, too, to see "notorious" in this context: PR puff language from a realtor trying to sell a parcel of real estate while disclosing that the building is to be sold subject to a commercial lease held by a "notorious" tenant. Either this particular realtor has a weak grasp on vocab., or the agency is putting prospective buyers on notice to run a background check on Chang.

Anonymous said...

Notorious works for me. I guess you guys didn't read the expose on what a ---- he is. https://www.eater.com/22193151/momofuku-david-chang-memoir-eat-a-peach-review



Anonymous said...

Just read that article, NOTORIOUS is correct!