Saturday, June 24, 2023

Lower East Side venue Rockwood Music Hall crowdfunding to stay alive

Rosewood Music Hall, 196 Allen St., between Houston and Stanton, is in danger of closing after 18 years of providing multiple stages for independent and emerging musicians. 

As Variety reported, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles launched a #PreserveRockwood benefit concert series that begins on Friday. 

The venue also announced a GoFundMe campaign yesterday to help stay in business. 

Per the appeal: 
Like many small, independent music venues across the country, Rockwood is struggling to stay open. Without the support of artists, the music community and fans of music, Rockwood is in danger of permanently closing, shutting off a vital place for independent and up-and-coming musicians to develop their artistry and give fans the opportunity to discover new music in a live setting. 
You can find the campaign here. Find details on the benefit shows at this link.


Anonymous said...

This hits hard because it is a cool venue, has some history, and yet the neighborhood and city are in the midst of a housing crisis that has already upended more lives than the closing of a concert venue ever could.

Build some housing here.

Simon E said...

A great venue, an an asset to the city. They’re trying to raise a quarter of a million dollars however, with no explanation of what happened to require needing it. Covid reduced their audiences for years…landlord imposing massive rent hikes…?

Anonymous said...

That is what ultimately happened to the Fillmore East (later the Saint). Only took about seven years once th Saint closed in 1988.