Monday, June 12, 2023

Yet another broker for 20 St. Mark's Place

Your attention please, now pitching for 20 St. Mark's Place: Tri State Commercial Realty. 

The landmarked building between Second Avenue and Third Avenue is now on its fifth (by our count) broker for the retail spaces here since the space became available after the Grassroots Tavern closed here on New Year's Eve 2017 after 42 years (upstairs tenant Sounds shuttered in 2015) ...
Per the listing
  • Formerly Grassroots Tavern 
  • Ground Floor unit has backyard potential 
  • 2,000 SF basement included with Parlor Level
  • White-Boxed 
  • 1st floor parlor has great fitness space potential 
  • Can combine spaces
Speaking of White-Boxed, here's a listing photo showing the space that housed the GR...  
At least two potential tenants have kicked No. 20's tires (including this pub concept that signed a lease) but nothing ever materialized these past 5.5 years.

As noted, No. 20known as the Daniel LeRoy House, was built in 1832. It received landmark status in 1971 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.


Anonymous said...

I get NYC always changes, but seeing the blank drywall box that used to be Grassroots Tavern was a little painful. A jewel of a bar (like the old Holiday Lounge) with so much heart and soul just can be plastered over, but not forgotten. RIP

Chandler Slate said...

Maybe the 5th time's a charm! I agree seeing the character of a builidng or venue get drywalled over is a shame. Without knowing what the construction team ran into here, it's hard to say why that decision was made. Thankfully, they preserved what looks like an original mural from the Grassroots Tavern. What types of businesses do you think should finally take these spaces and bring life back to this building?

Anonymous said...

They could have replaced the tin ceiling -- or left the original if beam work was not needed. Also the wood paneling. Looks like the owners panicked and did a slop job just to flip it.