Sunday, June 18, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo of LaMama's iconic founder Ellen Stewart on Fourth Street yesterday by Derek Berg) ... 

• How these East Village volunteers finally made Wi-Fi a reality for asylum seekers (Monday

• Report: East Village musician Jesse Malin paralyzed from the waist down after spinal stroke (Wednesday

• 18-year-old cyclist killed in collision on 1st Avenue at 17th Street (Friday)

• Police: Woman dies after jumping from 3rd Street residential building (Sunday

• Sunny has retired, but her popular flower shop remains in the family (Wednesday)

• Birthday wishes for Rossy on 3rd Street (Thursday

• Goodbye for now to HaveAHeart Studio, the rehearsal space below New Double Dragon (Thursday)

• Cafe Mogador provides a free meal to asylum seekers staying in the East Village (Friday

• Signage arrives for Downtown Burritos Cocina Mexicana on 1st Avenue (Monday)

• Community group urges Mayor Adams to reacquire the former P.S. 64/CHARAS 'now' (Tuesday)

• Saturday afternoon with Tits Dick Ass (Tuesday

• Celebrating downtown nightlife legend Brian Butterick, aka Hattie Hathaway (Wednesday

• Documentary on collage artist Michael Anderson to debut at the Anthology Film Archives (Saturday

• Taking a look inside the incoming Target on Union Square (Wednesday)

• Signage alert: Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday

• Tree limb down in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday

• Sauce returns to service on 12th Street (Thursday

• At 188 Allen St., a curbside dining demolition like no other (Friday

• Almost-opening report: Memphis Seoul on 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• Yet another broker for 20 St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• Plywood report: Ghost signage disappears again on Avenue A (Saturday

• Closings: Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, Wild Mirrors (Tuesday

• A Tacombi takeover on 12th Street (Monday)

... and those Balenciaga ads are getting more elaborate, as seen on First Street and First Avenue...
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VH McKenzie said...

Always wanted a Balenciaga bag. And now look, a dozen!

Grieve said...



mvd said...

I don't know - they might be knockoffs

John Penley said...

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