Sunday, June 11, 2023

[Updated] Why Kim Petras was at Ben's Deli on Avenue B

Photos by Stacie Joy 

Fresh from a GovBall appearance, history-making Grammy winner (for "Unholy," her collaboration with Sam Smith) Kim Petras was at Ben's Deli yesterday at 32 Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street. 

She was there to shoot a video ahead of the release of her new album out on June 23 and accompanying tour. 

And why Ben's? The deli is known to location scouts these days after serving as a pivotal location for "Russian Doll" season 1.

And here's a photo (of a photo!) of Petras with the Ben's team (they said she was very friendly)...
And if this outfit looks familiar, it was apparently Petras then wearing the armor in Tompkins Square Park a little later in the day.

Meanwhile, you can read up on Petras in this recent New Yorker profile.



I was going to ask... is that Kim Petras? But I knew! ;)

Anonymous said...

Definitely think this is content for her project, but I’m more than 95% sure that’s a look-alike and not actually her lol