Monday, June 19, 2023

[Updated] Someone placed an ad for AMC's 'The Walking Dead: Dead City' over the George Floyd mural on Houston and the Bowery

The George Floyd mural by @fumeroism arrived in early June 2020 on the southwest corner of the Bowery and East Houston... and has remained in place these past three-plus years. 

Hopefully, it will return: The AMC ad looks to be temporary — some kind of peel-and-stick mural. "The Walking Dead: Dead City" premiered last night. 

As a reader noted, bad timing for covering the George Floyd memorial on Juneteenth.

Updated 6/20 

Overnight, someone peeled off the AMC ad to reveal the George Floyd mural once again...


Anonymous said...

Of all the walls they could have stuck that ad on...glad someone took it down.

Sarah said...

Good work to whoever took it down.

Anonymous said...

AMC…remember to avoid them next time you’re watching TV!!