Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A transformation for the Ugly Duckling on 3rd Avenue and 13th Street

The Ugly Duckling closed earlier this month so the owners can rebrand the multi-level space on the NW corner of Third Avenue and 13th Street. (H/T EVG reader John!)

A rep for the Dream Hospitality Group confirmed the closure... and the new concept — a French-themed establishment.

The Ugly Duckling, which offered a Saturday special called "Boujee Brunch," debuted in late 2021... taking over the space from the Brazen Fox (same owners), which closed during the pandemic after nearly seven years in business.


noble neolani said...

Keep trying guys, the suburbanites love whatever you do.

Sarah said...

Well, at least that stupid logo will be gone.

Anonymous said...

I miss Friends House sushi that used to be in that space years ago

Anonymous said...

thank god, the nyu freshman 18+ ugly duckling parties was a step back in human advancement