Sunday, June 11, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from Tompkins Square Park by Stacie Joy... yesterday was the 47th Annual Hare Krishna Parade and Festival in NYC)... 

• Support for the family of Salvino Luis Ceballos (Wednesday

• Despite the city's endless bureaucracy, East Village residents continue to aid asylum seekers at the former St. Brigid School (Thursday) ... A call for volunteers and donations for asylum seekers (Monday)

• Decades-spanning ghost signage disappears from this East Village building (Monday)

• Reports: Woman in custody after menacing rampage in and around Tompkins Square Park (Monday

• Sky watch: A breath of fresh air heading into the weekend (Friday) ... Holy smokes, that sky today! (Tuesday

• Pinks moves on from 10th Street (Tuesday

• The Astor Place Greenmarket returns (Tuesday

• Tramezzini NYC has closed on Houston (Wednesday

• Almost-opening report: Caffe Corretto on 12th Street (Monday

• A new era for pedestrians on the NE corner of 3rd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

• The East Village New Deli returns without the deli (Thursday

• Little Uluh announces itself on 14th Street (Monday

• PSA: The Tacos Cholula cart is still on 2nd Street (Tuesday

• A pop-up gallery for the summer at 42 Avenue B (Friday

• This prime corner storefront remains tenant-free (Tuesday

• The Tribeca Festival takes over Village East by Angelika on 2nd Avenue (Friday

• And now, your signage for the Popeyes opening on 14th Street near Avenue A (Thursday

• City set once again to remove the curbside structure outside Pinky's Space on 1st Street (Monday)

Speaking of Pinky's Space, someone did remove the remains of the abandoned Pinky's roadbed seating space later this past week...
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