Sunday, June 25, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo of Ray at Ray's Candy Store on Avenue A by Roflo) 

 • Iconic gay dive bar the Boiler Room is closing later this year ahead of a move to a new East Village space (Tuesday

• About The Pastry Box, now open on 12th Street (Thursday)

• The Regal Union Square multiplex is not closing after all (Monday

• Openings: Caffe Corretto on 12th Street (Tuesday

• At the start of the 2023 Drag March in Tompkins Square Park (Saturday

• Someone placed an ad for AMC's 'The Walking Dead: Dead City' over the George Floyd mural on Houston and the Bowery (Monday)

• At MoRUS, a new exhibit explores the network of community fridges in NYC (Friday

• The arrival of the smart composting bins in the East Village (Thursday

• The Zine Fair has been rescheduled to July 8 (Friday

• Salter House bringing sustainable housewares and clothing to 2nd Street (Thursday

• Residents eager to track down the source of this 'loud mechanical sound' in the East Village (Saturday

• "Make Me Famous," a documentary on 1980s-era East Village-based painter Edward Brezinski, debuts  (Monday

• Watch Kim Petras (or her stand-in!) walk around the East Village in medieval-style armor (Wednesday) 

• A subway ride from Union Square to Coney Island on this day in 1987 (Tuesday

• Chrissy's Pizza taking over the former Superiority Burger space on 9th Street for its first pizzeria (Thursday

• Lower East Side venue Rockwood Music Hall crowdfunding to stay alive (Saturday

• The East Village Panda Express is hiring (Tuesday

• Reaching the top of the 21-story 360 Bowery project (Tuesday

• More unlicensed cannabis shops busted in the East Village (Thursday

• 1 St. Mark's Place looking a little close to beaming up (Wednesday)

• Closings: Sauced Up! on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• About the new tenant at 37 Avenue A (Wednesday)

• A Smoke House for Avenue A (Friday

• A transformation for the Ugly Duckling on 3rd Avenue and 13th Street (Tuesday

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Anonymous said...

love this pic of ray!

Anonymous said...

What a great photo of Ray!