Monday, June 26, 2023

The incoming Shake Shack on the Lower East Side owes nearly $200k back rent: legal notice

From the outside, the new Shake Shack outpost looks ready to open on the SE corner of Rivington and Norfolk... the chain's first Lower East Side location of its burgers-and-fries operation.

News of this arrival dates to last July. (Signage arrived in November.) To date, this address has yet to appear on the Shake Shack website.

Meanwhile, multiple EVG readers pointed out the recent arrival of a legal notice on the front gate...
According to the 14-day notice, the landlord, ID'd here as 122 Norfolk Street, LLC, is seeking $194,974.79 "for rent for the Subject Premises."

The notice states that Shake Shack New York LLC has to pay the amount within 14 days from the date, listed here as June 13. (So that would make tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27, the deadline.) We reached out to the Shake Shack press department and will update this post if anyone responds.

This corner spot has sat empty since Schiller’s Liquor Bar closed after 14 years in 2017.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about this place I walk past it all the time and it appears that the construction work has been finished a while ago, but it never opened. I thought that was strange for a large franchise chain like the Shake Shack.

Liam R said...

Something must be up for Shake Shack corporate for them to mess this up that badly.

Frank said...

Actually, it was on the shake shake web site for a while,
but the location was marked 'online order unavailable'.

It's been removed recently - not sure what the implications of that are.