Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Last call at the Grassroots Tavern

The Grassroots Tavern closed in the early morning hours on Jan. 1, ending a 42-year run at 20 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue...

[Top 2 photos Sunday night by Peter Brownscombe]

EVG Facebook friend Jil Derryberry shared these photos from Sunday night...

Despite its appearance, the popcorn machine was not as old as the bar... I'd been there several times in past years when a new machine arrived on the scene...

And the mystery cabinet behind the bar... I always wanted to rifle through the shelves and discover some old menus and bills ... I only ever saw John Leeper go in there looking for aspirin...

As previously reported, the new owner of the bar is Richard Precious, who operates the mini chain of Irish-style pubs called The Ginger Man (including the one on 36th Street).

Someone in the women's room made some suggestions for Precious...

No word on when the new venture might open here. They'll likely be making modifications in this landmarked building, and to date, there aren't any work permits on file with the city.

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