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Thursday, January 28, 2016


From the EVG inbox...

I felt it was worth mentioning that the vacant Chase branch on Avenue A and 2nd Street is now home to a half of a roll, a half of a bagel and a dead pigeon. It's anybody's guess whether the three are related but I suspect fowl play. (It's probably inappropriate to pun in the face of death but that one kind of fell into my lap).

Sunday, January 4, 2015

When it comes time to toss the tree

Now that it is nearly Valentine's Day, people are making the difficult decision to discard their holiday/Christmas trees despite the fact that they're still green and will last through September.

So it might be tempting to discard the trees along a seemingly quiet stretch of a street…

…or help create a green space/sustainable community…

…or send it crosstown…

…or you could get a good cardio-strength training combo workout and drag the tree to the center of Tompkins Square Park ahead of MulchFest 2015 next weekend…

It will be mulch appreciated! (God, sorry for that.)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dec. 21

Wow. EVG reader Mark White spotted this yesterday on East Second Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. And we saw it with our own Google Glass eyes and can vouch for its authenticity.

Likely a record for waiting to toss out a tree.

And how did this conversation go down?

Let's go buy a Christmas tree today.

Great, but let's throw out last year's tree first...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Bring out your dead

Perfect! East Ninth Street near Avenue C... ready for the weekend!

Photos by Bobby Williams

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

People who are a month late for MulchFest

We had the official MulchFest in Tompkins Square Park (and elsewhere!) back on Jan. 8 ... Perhaps there's another one coming up? (I didn't see it listed anywhere...)

Regardless, EV Grieve contributor Bobby Williams came across new piles of dead trees in the Park yesterday...

Seems to be better than tossing the trees on the banks of snow and trash lining some sidewalks...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Live blogging the 2011 MulchFest!

We'll be coming to you LIVE! all weekend from the MulchFest at Tompkins Square Park...

We're here with 101.9, the official radio sponsor of MulchFest 2011...

There is also a tent featuring Cabot cheese ... and two people in Dunkin Donut tracksuits... (really)


11:15: Someone turns on the music ... (live feed from 101.9?) ... the song marks the official start of the Mulching! And the song?

"Laid" by James. (really)

11:16: Some local officials and other assorted people (mostly all in ear plugs) stand for a photo opp ...

11:16.31: The mulching begins!

I've used up all my mulch puns

Anyway, the MulchFest is this weekend in Tompkins Square Park ... I'll be there with a sound meter... if the mulcher gets too loud and starts disturbing nearby residents, then I will file formal complaints ... and ask that the number of MulchFests be reduced in the future....

But seriously, the pile of waiting-to-be-mulched trees has made for a fine playground for some kids...

Thanks to Bobby Williams for all three of these photos....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chip in: Mulch your tree

Instead of tossing your dead-ass tree on the curb...

...consider dragging the thing to Tompkins Square Park ...

...the annual TreeCycle (Mulch Madness!) is going on this weekend...

[Top three photos of EV Grieve dead tree correspondent Blue Glass]

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Times writes about White Slab Palace: Mentions David Schwimmer, but no falling moose/caribou dead animal head

The Times writes about White Slab Palace on Delancey and Allen today....

And let's start the piece:

THE Lower East Side has become a destination for those from other boroughs, other towns and other nations who seek a few hours of Manhattan life. On a recent Saturday night, on Rivington Street between Essex and Ludlow, it was easy to find people from Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, England and Germany. It was harder to find a local resident.

Nearby, a stretch limousine idled, its passenger area illuminated by a black light and filled with champagne glasses. Inside, Luis Salcedo, the driver, waited for his evening’s charges — eight people from Queens. Mr. Salcedo said he was often called to drive to the area. “They always sing songs on the way,” he added.


The greasy dude factor is low here,” said Sam Sellers, one of the resident D.J.’s. “You can play reggae and the guys aren’t grinding up all over the girls. It’s parties of friends, not one or two or three people looking for a night, so the energy is amazing.”

Celebrity sighting bonuse: David Schwimmer!

Anyway, stretch limos, greast dudes...yes, yes... But, oddly enough, no mention of the falling caribou/moose/dead animal head here!

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Field & Stream FINALLY checks in on the falling moose head/caribou story; tsk-tsks entire New York media

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Field & Stream FINALLY checks in on the falling moose head/caribou story; tsk-tsks entire New York media

And they're not all that amused by our moose/news-gathering prowess! In his Field Notes blog for the magazine, Chad Love wonders ....

The bars most of us frequent don't have a theme aside from "cold beer here" and don't attempt fashion statement other than perhaps a "wipe boots before entering" sign. They're just bars. Places to hang out, grab a beer and shoot the bull. And if they've got dead animals hanging on the wall you can be sure we can appreciate or — at the very least — correctly identify what they are.

Not so in New York. For the hipsters who inhabit our cultural capital, dead animals on the bar wall are merely ironic statements of urban cool, and if no one actually knows what those animals are, just call it a moose. Everyone else does.

Later, he notes:

How an animal so obviously not a moose can be misidentified by pretty much the entire world is a good example of how quickly stupidity can go viral.

First it's misidentified by the bar owner who put it up, then by the patron upon whose head it landed, then by said patron's lawyer, then by the (not one but two!) NY Post reporters who wrote the story, then by the wire services and blogs who picked up the story. So now, a few days after the story was first published, Google "stuffed moose attack" and you will discover tha New York City's killer moose has gone worldwide....

First, noted, Mr. Rugged, Shoot-the-Bull Outdoorsman! Second, how soon before some enterprising fancy cocktailer or restaurateur names a dish or drink the Stuffed Moose Attack?

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When moose attack at hipster LES hotspots

PETA gets involved in falling moose/caribou head circus

Friday, January 1, 2010

PETA gets involved in falling moose/caribou head circus

More developments in the story of the moose head (which was actually a caribou) that fell on a diner at LES hotspot White Slab Palace. PETA has issued a statement!

PETA sent a letter to Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, urging her to encourage members who still have animal heads mounted on the walls of their establishments to take them down and send them to PETA. PETA plans to offer fun, puffy faux animal heads in return. The letter comes on the heels of reports that a 150-pound moose head at the White Slab Palace restaurant on Manhattan's Lower East Side came crashing down onto a diner, leaving her with a concussion. The woman is suing the restaurant for damages.

"Perhaps it was bad karma--the departed moose's way of taking revenge on restaurant owners who are disrespectful enough to display their remains," writes PETA cofounder and President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "For the new year, we want to help restaurants ditch dead decor and go friendly faux."

In the letter, PETA points out that a growing number of Americans oppose the cruel blood sport of hunting and are repulsed by the idea of using a dead animal's head as decor. PETA has offered to provide a free faux head for every real head that the association sends to the group. Options range from a teeth-baring T-rex to an inflatable, easy-to-clean moose head to an attractive handcrafted faux deer head.

Hmm, and some of my favorite bars have dead animals on the wall: Joe's and Port 41... Will Port 41 replace its hippo head with something plastic....?

Meanwhile, what this saga needs is a theme song...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I smell dead people

I've had some horrible neighbors...nothing quite like this, though. As the Post reports:

It smells like something at 201 E. 19th St., and it sure isn't Christmas.
The Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart are suing two tenants in the Gramercy building who they say are creating an ungodly stench that's making their neighbors sick.
Gloria and Michael Lim have "caused noxious, foul and harmful odors to emanate from the [apartment] into the common areas of the subject building as well into other apartments," the nuns' suit says.
"The smells emanating from the subject premises are so horrible and potentially dangerous to the life, health and safety of the tenants" that "on one occasion the Fire Department . . . had to be called."
The odor on that occasion from the apartment was so awful that building workers had become "seriously concerned that the smell was the result of someone having died in their apartment and began ringing certain tenants who live alone to check in on them," the filing says.
When all those people were determined to be still kicking, the concerned firefighters zeroed in on the Lims' apartment, convinced the dead-person smell was coming from there.
They pounded on the door and when they got no answer, they started to break it down, the suit says. Gloria Lim eventually came to the door and asked what the "commotion" was, the suit says.
The firefighters entered the apartment, and Lim told them she was "smoking and drying fish."
When asked by The Post what caused the odors -- which court papers likened to "vomit or rotting meat" -- she only said: "I cook dried fish."

Ugh. The worst thing my neighbor does is play the one disco-y CD he owns over and over....