Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Field & Stream FINALLY checks in on the falling moose head/caribou story; tsk-tsks entire New York media

And they're not all that amused by our moose/news-gathering prowess! In his Field Notes blog for the magazine, Chad Love wonders ....

The bars most of us frequent don't have a theme aside from "cold beer here" and don't attempt fashion statement other than perhaps a "wipe boots before entering" sign. They're just bars. Places to hang out, grab a beer and shoot the bull. And if they've got dead animals hanging on the wall you can be sure we can appreciate or — at the very least — correctly identify what they are.

Not so in New York. For the hipsters who inhabit our cultural capital, dead animals on the bar wall are merely ironic statements of urban cool, and if no one actually knows what those animals are, just call it a moose. Everyone else does.

Later, he notes:

How an animal so obviously not a moose can be misidentified by pretty much the entire world is a good example of how quickly stupidity can go viral.

First it's misidentified by the bar owner who put it up, then by the patron upon whose head it landed, then by said patron's lawyer, then by the (not one but two!) NY Post reporters who wrote the story, then by the wire services and blogs who picked up the story. So now, a few days after the story was first published, Google "stuffed moose attack" and you will discover tha New York City's killer moose has gone worldwide....

First, noted, Mr. Rugged, Shoot-the-Bull Outdoorsman! Second, how soon before some enterprising fancy cocktailer or restaurateur names a dish or drink the Stuffed Moose Attack?

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Jeremiah Moss said...

i wouldn't mess with that chad fella. he's probably got a gun. the comments are fun, though:

"How can you mistake a carribou for a moose? how ignorent are people?"

"Normal people would correctly identify the mount and have the experience as another bar story to tell friends and laugh about, but not a New York City Slicker."

EV Grieve said...

Hmm, good point. Well, as long as he doesn't know that I live at 25 Cooper Square, No. 1811, I feel safe!