Thursday, January 28, 2010

Report: Former Pizza Shop becoming a bar

Thanks to Eater for noticing this...I would have missed it too... As Eater noted yesterday ... this piece of news was buried in an other otherwise ridiculous piece in the Post on hipsters hanging out at rat-packy piano bars: Jesse Malin is planning to open another bar next to Niagara at Avenue A and Seventh Street.

As you may recall, this space was home to the Pizza Shop, which closed in November. As co-owner Kevin Cole said in the EV Grieve comments: "We closed ... because the rent was too high. We struggled every month to make it... someone gave me an offer on the space and i decided it was best to take it."

The rent was a little more than $10,000 month.


Lisa said...

Cool, just what the neighborhood needs, another bar! Thanks, Jesse, we can always count on you to try and make yet more money from, and attract yet more morons to, an already over-saturated area! Good on ya!

WB said...

I think the rent on the space was something like $3,000 when Sal's was there. I remember asking why they moved, and it was due to a huge rent hike.

EV Grieve said...



Jill said...

So the 500 foot rule is really the 5 inch rule?