Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bring out your poof and fist pumps for the Jersey Shore Pageant

Sidebar, a bar that no one you know ever goes to, is hosting a Jersey Shore Pageant Thursday night at 7 where you can show off your poof, fist pump, fake tan, blow out and what not. Sounds like any other night around... (Via ChiChi212)


esquared™ said...

and this is taking place in the ev because? oh...right, the b & t's.

carry on

Anonymous said...

This isn't the EV (but Irving Place doesn't need this stinkin' the block up either).

I'm too lazy/indifferent to be truly offended, but wtf is the "SitJEWation" about?

Also, as a former resident of the NJ coast I feel compelled to point out that none of those MTV hosebags are actually from NJ, let alone the shore.