Thursday, January 21, 2010

More on 95 Avenue A: Private chef's lounge and a rum punch bar

Keep seeing more details about what's coming to 95 Avenue A at Sixth Street. Sounds like quite the little empire. This detail is from Metromix:

From a team featuring alum from Mayahuel, Death & Co., and Bourgeois Pig, Carteles is the first of a four-part planned series of Cuban-themed bars and restaurants collectively known as Cienfuegos. The other phases include a rum punch bar, a more formal Cuban restaurant, and a private chef's lounge, but for now this tiny storefront is serving a menu of carefully curated sandwiches.

This all suddenly seems like less of a restaurant and more of a scene.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Coming soon: Work starts on Cienfuegos at long-dormant (and soon-to-be-expanded) 95 Avenue A

Something finally coming to 95 Avenue A


Laura Goggin Photography said...

So, do these 'phases' mean other locations or is this going to be the anchor sandwich shop?

Speaking of rum bars, I wonder how that tequila place on E 6th is doing...tried it once and it was so loud, I couldn't hear my table partner.

EV Grieve said...

I think there will be four different parts to this one location.... it's a huge space, as I recall from being in whatever was here before... The sandwich shop will be on Sixth Street (directly next door to the newish Vietnamese sandwich place...)

Never been to that tequila place. It looks really small...

Melanie said...

Worth checking out. I really liked Pisces which was there before. They made a great skate with a red wine sauce and great homemade pizza that was large and filled the table. I miss them. Went to Lucha Libre for my birthday and it was really delish.