Friday, January 29, 2010

Opening tonight: Bar Above Cabin, purveyors of "oysters and burgers and rock and roll"

Just when we were speculating about the new bar opening in the old Pizza Shop space next to Niagra on Avenue A...comes this report from Urban Daddy about the new Bar Above Cabin, which (soft) opens tonight:

Here's what you need to know: it's a bar opening on the hush-hush. It used to be a small, nondescript pizza shop. And it now deals in oysters and burgers and rock and roll. On top of a speakeasy. Rest easy knowing that the speakeasy, Cabin Down Below, is still alive and dealing in hipsters, loud music and strong cocktails. But in place of mozzarella and red sauce, upstairs you'll find exposed brick, tufted black leather banquettes, an old chandelier or two and just enough light to see Agyness Deyn sitting in the corner.


Anonymous said...

Urban Daddy says "small, nondescript pizza shop" like it's a bad thing. No one needs a spectacle when buying a slice, FFS.

Ken Mac said...

wow think they'll let me in? !!

Jeremiah Moss said...


Melanie said...

Ken Mac--you can come with me.
Rock n Roll.

Anonymous said...

Argh. I really liked Pizza Shoppe. Nondescript? Please. They put some work into that place. It was nice -- cute Ramones/rockabilly aesthetic. Good pies, too.

So in exchange we get another cheesy destination drinkatorium that'll attract still more noisy fucking barfing-and-slap-fighting-at-all hours-of-the-night wannabe hipster scum? Wonderful.