Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's available at the Christodora House

Someone who sort of knows what he/she is talking about recently told me that apartments at the Christodora House -- everyone's favorite symbol of gentrification in the neighborhood -- rarely hit the market.

Really? So I took a look to see what might be available... According to StreetEasy, there is one unit for sale, one unit in contract and two apartments for rent.

First, the unit that's in contract. Curbed wrote about the newly renovated one bedroom apartment back in October.

The fourth-floor unit with 1,042 square feet was listed by Corcoran at $1,348 million last Sept 15. It was reduced by 4 percent to $1,295 million on Oct. 31. It went into contract for the $1,295 million on Jan. 7.

The other unit for sale in the building is a 400-square foot studio going for $535,000 on the ninth floor. (Good for $1,338 per square foot.) It just hit the market last Tuesday. Here's the listing with some lousy photos.

In addition, there's a 500-square-foot one bedroom apartment on the 12th floor that available for a short-term rental from March 1 to May 31. It's going for $2,750 per month. Here's your view, in part:

And lastly! There's a 1,000-square-foot one bedroom apartment that's now $3,600 a month (down from $4,500). Or you can buy it for $1,450 million. According to the listing, it can also be combined with the unit next door for 2,000 square feet of luxury.

By the way, the entire Christodora was sold in 1975 for $62,500.

[Sketch via Michael Casey]

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