Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More details on Day of Ray

The Save Ray's organizers have announced a few more details about the benefit for Ray's Candy Store:

Day of RAY! Saturday February 6th from noon - 6pm
Benefit show at Sidewalk Cafe! Come see every musician, comedian, poet and performer this neighborhood has to offer.
$5 donation entrance fee at the door, no drink minimums.
15% of sales made from the show going toward the cause.

More details to follow. If you want to help out in any way, then please get in touch with Leah at:


And, you know, there's a Save Ray's Twitter feed, which will have the latest updates...


And there's the Save Ray's Facebook page...

Meanwhile, John Penley has posted photos to his site from Saturday's Save Ray's rally, including this one of Biker Bill...

See more photos here.


Anonymous said...

i wonder why they are only donating 15%?

Melanie said...

The Day Of Ray--great!!I will be there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 15% seems awfully stingy. 50% of sales would be more agreeable while still giving the bar a reasonable return. It's a benefit, not a promotion. Bar should step up to the plate.

ak said...

anon 2:40 - perhaps because sidewalk cafe has it's own costs to account for.

saturday daytime! great, sidewalk has a decent weekend brea...brunch menu. coffee, food and a drink. yum, yum. plus performers and supporting ray...fabulous.

Unknown said...

The benefit has a $5 donation to get in, as well as a bucket that will be going around during the acts. 100% of that is going to Ray.
Sidewalk is donating their space, and their employees, 15% is what they can afford of the food sales. If you guys think it should be more, feel free to donate more, it'd really help out.