Monday, January 18, 2010

Ray's makes the Times

From a feature today titled "Fixture of Avenue A Faces the Threat of a Padlock."

A few excerpts:

Opposite Tompkins Square Park, the usual sort of post-midnight gathering was taking place on a recent evening inside a cramped storefront with tile floors and a worn blue counter.

Kevin Mag Fhloinn was there, talking about a probability system he invented, which makes a spin of the roulette wheel so inviting it barely feels like a bet. Mitch Green told how he once tried to interest Rocky Graziano in buying a neon sign. And there was a smiling man who introduced himself as Thrilly-D; he plunked a large order of Belgian fries onto the counter, and, with beery breath, invited his new comrades to dig in.


It was just past two in the morning and steel gates rattled on Avenue A as neighboring stores locked up for the night. Mr. Alvarez peered through a window as a police car sped past. And Mr. Green reminisced about the neighborhood in the mid-1970s, when the streets were so desolate that you couldn't find a cab.

"When there was nothing else around," he said, "Ray was around."

[Photo: Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times]


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Ray could get his social security. That would be great. He has worked hard all his life and he deserves it. He really needs a social worker willing to take on his case and help him with the paperwork. Are there any social workers in the East Village who might want to help him out?

RockChick said...

All this stuff about how "desolate" the nabe was is getting up my nose...I've lived here since '68, from 10th and B to 2nd and 9th, and I have never EVER had a problem getting a cab...