Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Save Ray's Benefit Concert is in the works; $550 collected so far via PayPal

Last Tuesday, we told you that a PayPal account has been established to help Ray's Candy Store. Those who are interested in helping out may use this e-mail address at PayPal:


The organizers -- Lilly O'Donnell and Haley Moss Dillon -- said that, to date, $550 has been collected.

Meanwhile, a Save Ray's Benefit Concert is in the works. Anyone interested in performing can send a note at saverayscandystore@gmail.com.

And for the latest on Ray's...(as well as photos from the weekend), visit Neither More Nore Less.

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Brooks of Sheffield said...

Will any of these efforts help? I have a hopeless feeling about Ray's. He's gotten a ton of press and yet he's still in trouble. No one's rushing to save him. It's depressing.