Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PayPal account established for Ray's Candy Store

A PayPal account has been established to help Ray's Candy Store. Those who are interested in helping out may use this e-mail address:


Behind the landlord ultimatum at Ray's

For more updates, be sure to check out Neither More Nor Less. Bob Arihood always has the latest.


geoff matters said...

Monday's amNY had a story on Ray's. Not sure if the story itself can be found at amNY.com which seems to be comprised of blog postings distinct from the newspaper content, but it can be seen on page 8 of this PDF of the monday issue: http://longisland.newsday.com/gallery/galleries/amny/pdf/20100111.pdf

They get a paraphrase from Chupa that "it's unlikely that Alvarez will be on the street soon, because it can take a long time to legally kick someone out for nonpayment of rent". Umm, so what about the bodyguard/padlock threats? She wasn't asked about the discrepancy between her own description of what is legal and Ray's claims that he was threatened with having to clear out in days.

Perhaps you can extract and post this article, so it can add to the online discussion and strategizing.

e.g., did Chupa break the law with her threats?

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the PDF, Geoff. I'll take a screengrab of the page and put it in a post.... and keep the discussion going!