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Friday, September 3, 2021

Summer 2021

Because nothing says summer 2021 like a photo of Key Food! 

 A sampling of the 460 EVG posts from June through August as we head into the Labor Day Weekend... 

• The East Village Neighbors Community Fridge is up and running again after vandal strikes (Aug. 24

• Kestrel maneuvers to rescue this fledging along Avenue B (Aug. 17

• At the LESUPA Reunion 2021 (Aug. 14

• Thanks to Humans of New York, Mary O's will be making scones for the foreseeable future (Aug. 11)

• Former tenants of the fire-destroyed 48 E. 7th St. want to hear from landlord Faith Popcorn (Aug. 9

• About Hi Noona, serving up unique Korean-influenced juices and smoothies on 12th Street (Aug. 4

• Construction hell is consuming the intersection of 1st Avenue at 7th Street (Aug. 3

• First sign of the B Bar & Grill-replacing 21-story office building on the Bowery (Aug. 2)

• Renovation watch: This is what the inside of the former Hells Angels HQ looks like now (July 29

• Author Q&A: About the dystopian East Village future of 'Drained' (July 23

• Local blog contributor tries the Kraft Mac-n-Cheese ice cream at Van Leeuwen (July 15

• PJ O’Rourke regroups with a pop-up space on Broadway (July 14

• Murder investigation on 1st Avenue (July 14

• Attention Kmart shoppers: The Astor Place location is now closed after 25 years in business (July 12

• A conversation with Lilly Dancyger, author of the East Village memoir 'Negative Space' (July 1

•  How you can help The Bowery Mission protect New Yorkers from summer heat (June 28

 • At the 27th annual Drag March (June 27

• Mount Sinai Beth Israel decides against plans to relocate and downsize (June 21)

• At fire-damaged Middle Collegiate Church, it's moving day for the historic New York Liberty Bell (June 17

• RIP Hash Halper, aka New York Romantic (June 15

• Portraits from the Park Prom (June 9)

• RIP Penny Rand (June 2

• Tenants: Pigeons have made empty apartment a health hazard in this Steve Croman-owned building on 7th Street (June 1)

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday's parting shot

The sunset from Fourth Street and Avenue A...