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Monday, December 15, 2008

Report: Alistair Economakis is suing his cousin Evel for libel

As you may recall, a sharply worded letter made the rounds this past summer from one Evel Economakis, a high-school history teacher in Athens, Greece, who is also reportedly the cousin of landlord Alistair Economakis, owner of 47 E. Third St. (In November, Alistair Economakis was successful in buying out the remaining tenants at 47 E. Third St. He is reportedly making the tenement building a home for his family.)

According to an article in The Indypendent, Alistair Economakis is suing his cousin for libel. As The Indypendent reported:

In a letter sent out in September, Evel Economakis wrote that the libel suit is an attempt “to send me to jail and destroy me financially (which is not a hard thing to do, as I make under $12,000 a year).” According to Third Street tenants, Greek law allows plaintiffs to sue for libel even if the accusations are true.

So in that letter, Evel apologized for “the mistake of calling my cousin Alistair a ’spoiled rich brat.’

“Alistair grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, was surrounded by maids and other servants, had everything handed to him, played on his father’s yacht, and rode his father’s horses on their estate in England. More, on at least two occasions I personally witnessed how rudely he addressed poor elderly people in Greece. But none of this, of course, constitutes evidence that he is a ’spoiled rich brat.’ Sorry, Alistair, I shouldn’t have said that about you.”

“If I had the chance to rewrite the letter, I wouldn’t use characterizations and other adjectives,” he concluded. “But I have always believed -- and will always believe -- that a parasite is a person who takes and never gives back. A parasite buys and sells, producing nothing. Worse still, he does so at the expense of others.”

Meanwhile, the article in The Indypendent contains many juicy details about the battle for 47 E. Third St.

Previous coverage of 47 E. Third St. on EV Grieve.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's doing at the Economakis dream mansion on East Third Street?

Scoopy has an update this week in The Villager.

Take it away Scoopy....:

Lower East Side activist Susan Howard told us that a friend of hers who lives near 47 E. Third St. — the East Village "mass eviction" building — hasn't seen evidence of any work going on there for a while and thinks construction has ground to a halt.

Howard urged us to call Alistair and find out what’s up. "Work is progressing..." He said he doesn’t have a specific completion date for when the building will be ready for them to live in as their luxurious, single-family mansion. He said he and his family recently moved out of the place, and are temporarily living in Brooklyn until the job is done. "It came time we had to move out of there," he said of 47 E. Third St. "Our bedroom's gone — it was relocated to a different spot. The steps are being relocated. It was much simpler to just open everything up and build everything at once." Economakis said all the building’s windows are boarded up on the inside, not because no work is going on, but to protect the windows while work is going on.

[EV Grieve file photo]

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dumpster marks the beginning of the end of 47 E. Third St.

As The Villager reported in its current issue, on Aug. 27, tenants moved out of 47 E. Third Street -- home of the infamous, longstanding battle with building owner Alistair Economakis.

According to the paper, Economakis may have also moved out -- at least temporarily. Pr maybe not.

And now a dumpster is in place in front of the building for collecting the remains of the renovation that will turn the tenement into the family's Mansion.

And check back with the paper later this week: There will be more of an interview with Alistair Economakis -- his longest to date with the media.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Continuing to speculate about what 10-room, $15-million home is for sale on East Third Street

Yesterday, we started speculating about what 10-bedroom house on East Third Street might be for sale for nearly $16 million. Mostly because we're curious about what nearly $16 million gets you these days in the neighborhood. Plus, well, there's more to it than that. According to the frustratingly detail-free listing, the deal includes the adjoining building.

Many of us immediately thought of the Economakis dream mansion at 47 E. Third St. The square footage is nearly identical, for one thing. And there has long been speculation that, after successfully evicting the building's tenants, the owners would flip the property immediately to make big money. The Economakis family, for their part, have insisted they'll live there — maybe forever, as they told Scoopy.

Anyway, EV Grieve reader Marjorie pointed out that "the Trulia listing says it's in zip code 10009. That means this mystery place is east of first avenue; the Economakis place is between 1st and 2nd aves — zip code 10003."

However, Chris Flash at The Shadow has been closely following the story. He wrote, "We've been keeping tabs on the real estate marketeers on the LES for decades now (they still send us their 'set-up sheets') and know from experience that they often get little details like zip codes and other info wrong." He states, "We're pretty sure that the Ardor listing is for the Economakis mansion at 47 East Third that they successfully vacated as of August 31."

Meanwhile, EV Grieve reader WB figured these fine homes just east of Third Street were likely candidates...

Good guess, but the listing is with Ardor, and the apartments here are exclusively with CitiHabitats.

Which reminds me I had these photos from the summer...

I liked the sign: "Too many upgrades to mention."

In an e-mail, an EV Grieve reader said that he/she took another look at the Ardor listing, and noticed that you could "map" the address. So they did.

As the readers says, if the map is to be believed, the property lies between Avenue C and Avenue D on the north side of the street...which led them to this possibility...

And the building on the left only has one buzzer, according to the reader, who knows this for some reason...

[Ominously] To be continued....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Inside the Economakis dream mansion on East Third Street

In this week's issue of The Villager, Scoopy gets a tour of the renovations at 47 E. Third St., where the Economakis family is making their 11,600-square-foot dream home from the former 15-unit tenement.

To some excerpts!

Except for the areas that the family is still using, the place has been completely gutted in the past month — with just the floors, the stairs and the building’s brick shell remaining. The old roof is still on, but will be replaced soon. With peppy enthusiasm, Catherine Economakis led the tour, first showing us her “dream kitchen” she had installed on the second floor, complete with a fully stocked stainless steel refrigerator, adjacent to their combination living room/dining room. Moving into the freshly gutted areas — where nothing at all is left of the former apartments — Catherine showed where they will blast through a wall to create a new doorway so that she won’t have to make the “50-yard dash,” as she put it, between the kitchen and the new dining room proper — that is, once they build the dining room in the rear of the building where one of the tenant’s apartments used to be.


The Economakises also proudly note they have even restored the building’s cornice, which had been removed, and have cleaned and pointed the old tenement’s front brickwork. Catherine stated they intend to live there their whole lives. Alistair, saying one can never know what the future holds, assured they’ll stay there at least 10 years — if not 20 years, and yes, maybe even forever.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

[Updating] Explosion on 2nd Avenue and East 7th Street

[Photo by Jonathan Jones]

3:29 p.m. FDNY says a building collapse at 125 Second Ave. (Officially it's 121 and 123 Second Ave.)

3:31 p.m. The scene from East Sixth Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square

3:47 p.m.

3:54 p.m.

3:56 p.m. The Post reports that up to 30 people are injured. The FDNY is trying to contain the fires from spreading to more buildings on the west side of Second Avenue between East Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place...

4:04 p.m.

[Image via @brittanyTvisser]

4:13 p.m. Coverage from WABC-7...

The FDNY arrived on the scene to find a sushi restaurant on the lower level collapsed and smoke pluming throughout the building. Then flames began shooting through the roof and quickly spread to a neighboring building.

Firefighters were pouring water onto the flames, but they had to pull back due to the intensity, and fire officials expected one or both of the buildings would eventually fall.

[Photo via @mesh_mellow]

4:20 p.m. The scene now looking north on Second Avenue by peter radley...

The scene from East Fifth Street and Second Avenue...

4:22 p.m. The scene from East Seventh Street and First Avenue via John Iz...

4:33 p.m. The scene from East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue via John Iz...

4:43 p.m.

More from the NYPD Special Ops...

4:53 p.m.

4:55 p.m.

5:05 p.m. A reader just shared this video ... not sure of the exact time...

5:06 p.m. From The Wall Street Journal:

A preliminary investigation indicated the fire and building collapse was due to a gas explosion, the official said.

The scene created chaos in the East Village, a neighborhood filled with apartment buildings, restaurants and bars. Perry Kroll, who lives a block away, said he felt his whole building shake, and all of his neighbors spilled out into the street.

“There’s an epic smoke column rising from the block,” he said. “I can see really big flames everywhere and chunks of ash falling from the sky. It looks like a building just blew out into the street. It’s just absolute chaos.”

5:10 p.m.

5:13 p.m. From The Neighborhood School on East Third Street between Avenue A and First Avenue

Dear Families,

By now I am sure you've heard about the building collapse/fire in the Lower East Side. Our school will be used as a Red Cross Shelter for displaced families starting tonight. If you, or anyone you know needs any kind of assistance, please let me know.

5:20 p.m. The view now from 190 E. Seventh St. via John Iz...

5:23 p.m.

Video shows East Village building collapsing after explosion and intense fire. (courtesy of Daniel Berkowitz.) Watch updates LIVE on NY1:

Posted by NY1 on Thursday, March 26, 2015

6:09 p.m.

The Red Cross is setting up at The Neighborhood School on East Third Street… we haven't heard anything about donations for those residents who lost their homes this afternoon…

[Photo by Yenta Laureate]

6:15 p.m.

6:27 p.m. The Times has updated its story.

A powerful explosion in the East Village on Thursday caused two buildings to collapse and ignited a large fire that quickly spread to neighboring buildings, leaving at least a dozen people injured, at least three of them critically.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, speaking at a news conference at the scene, said that “preliminary evidence suggests a gas-related explosion” was caused by plumbing and gas work being done at 121 Second Avenue, near Seventh Street.

The explosion and ensuing fire destroyed that building and led to the collapse of an adjacent building, 123 Second Avenue.

Two other buildings were damaged, and one of those buildings was still in danger of collapse, officials said.

The buildings that house Pommes Frites (No. 123) and Sushi Park (No. 121) have been destroyed.

[Photo via @nypost]

7:37 p.m.

7:47 p.m. Here is the full text of Mayor De Blasio's press conference earlier… as well as comments from other city officials...

Monday, April 18, 2016

[Updated] A look at the rest of tonight's CB3-SLA meeting docket

[45-47 Avenue B]

CB3's SLA committee meeting is tonight 6:30 in the CB3 office, 59 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery.

To date, we've look at several applicants:

98 Favor Taste, 37 St. Mark's Place

Unnamed pizzeria, Avenue C and Eighth Street

Vietnamese restaurant, 119 St. Mark's Place

Desi Galli, 172 Avenue B

And one applicant we looked at is no longer on the agenda. The owners of the Brazen Fox had plans to open another bar-restaurant directly across the street from their current two-level bar-restaurant on Third Avenue and East 13th Street.

We do not know why they are a scratch from the meeting. In any event, this would be a tough sell... a full liquor license with a sidewalk cafe for a space (Gothic Cabinet Craft shop) that was not previously licensed within a saturated area... from applicants who already operate a successful space right across the street. Not sure what the public benefit is here.

And there was neighbor opposition to the application as well... based on the flyers on the block...

Meanwhile, here's a quick look at some of the other East Village applicants on tonight's meeting agenda...

Applications within Saturated Areas

• Fish Market Inc, 45 Ave B (wb)

A venture called Lamia's Fish Market is in the works for the long vacant storefront at 45 Avenue B between East Second Street and East Third Street. The questionnaire (PDF) on file for public viewing at the CB3 website shows a restaurant with 40 tables seating 160 people. The proposed hours are 4 p.m. to midnight Monday though Friday; 11 a.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday.

Lamia Funti is the name of the applicant. Media outlets have identified her as the co-owner of Le Souk on La Guardia Place along with her husband Marcus Jacobs. He was reportedly an owner of Le Souk at 47 Avenue B... Le Souk was a years-long thorn in the side of neighbors, as widely reported here ... and here ... and here ... and here. In October 2009, the State Liquor Authority cancelled Le Souk's liquor license. (Read the SLA release here.)

Updated 4/19

The committee voted to deny the application. The Lo-Down has the details about the operators here.

• Baker's Pizza (Baker's Pizza LLC), 201 Ave A (wb)

The pizzeria that opened back in February between East 12th Street and East 13th Street is seeking a beer-wine license.

Sidewalk Cafe Application

• Lionsbeerstore (Beer Factory LLC), 104 2nd Ave

• Biang (Wen Zi Inc), 157 2nd Ave

The previous tenant at this address, Alder, had an eight-table, 16-seat sidewalk cafe.

New Liquor License Applications

• AGN Restaurant LLC, 166 1st Ave (op)

This is the former North River/Nite Owl space near East 10th Street. The owners of the Belfry on East 14th Street are looking to open a bar-restaurant here serving American comfort food, according to the questionnaire (PDF) on file at the CB3 website.

The proposed hours are 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday; until 4 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

• Proto's Pizza (Fifty East LLC), 50 2nd Ave (wb)

Items not heard at Committee

• Virgola (Virgola 3 LLC), 221 Ave B (wb)

They were denied at the February meeting ... this will be the second Virgola location in the East Village.

• Dumpling Go (Dumpling 2 Avenue Inc), 188 2nd Ave (wb)

The restaurant has been closed for the past week. Looks like a renovation, though there aren't any signs for customers.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reader report: Three apartment buildings sold on East Third Street

There's talk on East Third Street that Abart Holdings LLC has sold (or is selling) the buildings at 50, 54 and 58 on this block between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Per a tipster: "Word on the street is people who have leases ending this summer have received letters informing them of the sale and that the new owner will NOT be renewing leases. I don't doubt the validity of the letters, although I would love to..."

The tipster says that the letters are from Abart Holdings. The letters do not name the new owner.

Have any tips about the situation here? Please send them our way via the EV Grieve email ...

Per the tipster, who lives in one of the buildings: "Better not be another set of fucking personal mansions..."

Might make for a mansion row to go with 47 E. Third St. across the way.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Villager tours the Economakis mansion on East Third Street

In an article last week at The Villager, Lincoln Anderson wrote about his recent tour of 47 E. Third St., the former tenement that Alistair Economakis renovated for his family. (This after clearing the five-story rental of its residents.)

We meant to link to it ... this week, the post also appears at The East Villager. So here's another chance to revisit the article in case you missed it... no photos, though. (The family thought "this would be an invasion of their privacy.")

Anderson offers highlights from the home, which includes a wrestling room ... he also tracks down a few of the building's former tenants who took buyouts ... as well as gets comments from City Councilmember Rosie Mendez.

One other tidbit: Alistair Economakis commissioned the Mosaic Man to create a border above the basement's basement-level storefront ... which Economakis hopes to rent out to a medical facility.

Read the whole article here.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Economakis mansion renovation shuts down Third Street today

No traffic today on Third Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue. At 47 E. Third St., the Economakis family is creating their 11,600-square-foot dream home from the former 15-unit tenement.

One neighbor watching the crane at work wondered how many more Saturdays would be affected by the construction.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

So long to the Essex Card Shop signage on Avenue A; Pac Lab on 1st Street

Back on Thursday, a reader shared the above photo... showing workers removing the old Essex Card Shop signage from its former storefront on Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street. 

And here's how the storefront at the city-owned No. 39 looks now...
Essex Card Shop moved one block to the north to 47 Avenue A between Third Street and Fourth Street last June. A shop regular says that the owners were keeping the sign, but it wasn't going to fit above the new location. 

In other old signage news... the old Pac Lab signage was removed last week from 37 E. First St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue...
Per the Anthology Film Archives: "Pac Lab was a true NYC staple, as well as the last local resource we had for same-day processing of Super-8mm and 16mm film. Over the years Pac Lab proved itself to be a company that possessed as much character and quirkiness as its clients." 

Pac Lab closed at some point in 2014 or 2015.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Here are more details on East Village Homes, the affordable housing set for 2nd Street

[Pre-construction look at 302 E. 2nd St.]

As we first reported this past Friday, a 14-story affordable housing complex is in the works for the long-vacant, city-owned parcel on Second Street between Avenue C and Avenue D.

On Friday morning, various officials kicked off the construction phase during a ground-breaking ceremony. Asian Americans for Equality is developing the long-empty lot after the Department of Housing Preservation and Development selected the organization in 2017.

Officials also released more information about the project — called East Village Homes — at 302 E. Second St., which will feature 45 affordable apartments and a ground-floor community facility.

From the news release:

Leroy Street Studio designed the building, which includes sustainable elements and meets Enterprise Green Communities Criteria. The project includes 13 studios, 19 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units and one apartment for an on-site super.

The building’s facade features a layered system of stucco panels that play off of an array of metal panels with custom-perforated designs. Integrated active design principles include bike storage, easily-accessible outdoor green space and visible stairs and circulation pathways.

Building amenities include a shared roof terrace, a meeting space off of the main lobby and a laundry facility. The project features a resilient design with no basement, water-conserving plumbing fixtures and high-efficiency lighting fixtures.

[Via Leroy Street Studio]

Here's a detail via Patch that wasn't included in the press materials:

Eight apartments will be for formerly homeless people under Section 8 for incomes up to 20 percent of area median income, seven apartments at 47 percent of AMI, 14 apartments at 77 percent of AMI and 15 apartments at 120 percent of AMI — which ranges from annual incomes less than $15,000 to about $90,000 for a single person. It will also have a 1,000-square-foot community facility, roof terrace, and green space.

In addition, officials announced that there's a second phase of the East Village Homes project, which is creating 10 additional affordable rental apartments on a separate site at 276 E. Third St. just east of Avenue C...

[276 E. 3rd St.]