Saturday, October 10, 2009

Economakis mansion renovation shuts down Third Street today

No traffic today on Third Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue. At 47 E. Third St., the Economakis family is creating their 11,600-square-foot dream home from the former 15-unit tenement.

One neighbor watching the crane at work wondered how many more Saturdays would be affected by the construction.



Anonymous said...

any word from the hells angels?

the jodi said...

when I moved into the EV in '79 Hells Angels bikes took up a substantial part of the parking on the block. It was the safest block in the city. No muggings, no robberies, the only threat were the Angels themselves.

Now, maybe a half dozen bikes at most, with covers. NYU Law school. and now this final insult. Sorry. I miss the days when there were legitimate threats to one's personhood. The neighborhood was a lot more interesting back then.

Anonymous said...

It is NY Law not NYU law and the Hells Angels are saints compared to Economakis who mass evicted long term community members including I am told a person dieing of AIDS. The landlords are pure evil, heartless and the huge dorm with balconies looks like the red square-- ugly...the area has lost it soul to greed landlord and developers.

Anonymous said...

Quit harassing this homeowner.

He's certainly a schmuck, but he's hiring lots of people who would be otherwise out of work, and it appears that he's actually living up to what he said he would.