Monday, August 9, 2010

Community gardens reminder

From the Time's Up Save Our Gardens Action Group:

The next public event is tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Chelsea Rec Center, 430 W. 25th St. We will convene for our rally at 10:30. There is much planning and coordinating that needs to happen to keep our momentum and success going...

Come to the Planning Meeting tonight at 7 at ABC No Rio. At that meeting, committees will be formed so we can better mobilize and spread out the fun. Please come prepared to sign up for a committee — things are moving very fast!! The Gardens need everyone's participation. The committees suggested thus far are:

1. Fundraising - grant writing - North Star Emergency Grants
2. Media/Press/Social Networking
3. Communications and Fliers
4. Props/Banner/ Art Committee
5. Photos and Video Committee
6. Food/Dumpster Divers Committee.
7. Legal Committee
8. Event Planning

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glamma said...

is there a list of protected versus unprotected gardens?