Friday, August 20, 2010

East Village is No. 1 for hipsters; No. 214 for quiet!

You may have read about NabeWise before. According to the site:

NabeWise allows you to understand any neighborhood as if you've already lived there, so you can explore the world on a local level, discover new places, and find the neighborhoods that are right for you.

NabeWise is currently in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Chicago. For each city, they offer "real-time neighborhood rankings across 65 key attributes such as, trendiness, noise-level, families, hipsters, and safety — things people really talk about and care about."

So! I thought it was time to look in how the East Village is shaping up against other NYC neighborhoods...

Out of 266 neighborhoods...we are rated:

No. 1 for hipsters
No. 1 for gay/lesbian identity
No. 1 for nightlife
No. 1 for artists/creatives
No. 2 for singles

On the low end... we are rated:

225th for parking
214th for quiet
185th for clean
102nd for public transportation
79th for parks

Hmmm...dunno if I agree with all this...

And is there a category for "loud, drunken singles who don't live here"?

You can go there yourself to rate and review.... and really blow the curve. Help change some of these words!


Anonymous said...

Do people actually use this site?

Anonymous said...

These people know nothing about NYC

City Of Strangers said...

Grieve - What is a 'hipster'??


EV Grieve said...

A hipster is that thing my aunt has to wear since she fell down the stairs.

Marty Wombacher said...

@EV Grieve: Ha ha ha! Best hipster definition ever!

esquared™ said...

it should have a category for the most "Woo-Hoo"s and the "Bro"s and the "Bra"s, which the EV will be #1 for that too.


EV Grieve said...

@Esquared — Woo!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Why so low on the park rating? More people need to get out and enjoy the community gardens - they're open to all and in need of support right now. I'd say they are one of the most valuable assets the EV has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Useless crap. This could only seem useful to people that have never lived in the city.

The reviews that they generate their data from are terrible. I've never seen so many people use Hipster as a positive description.

The East Village is #1 for gay/lesbian residents? really? and the west village, home of NYC gay culture for a century is #12?

This site should be called "useless data by and for gentrification loving hipsters"

Ann Baldinucci said...

EV Grieve,
Thanks for posting about us!!

@Googla, I couldn't agree with you more that community gardens are wonderful in a neighborhood and that they need support! One of the things we are planning with NabeWise, is a page for each place where we list some of the ways to get involved in the neighborhood, and we plan to highlight community gardens in particular. It is well known that they strengthen community ties.

@anonymous, our site is currently focused on helping people that are moving figure out where they should be living, so many of our users are people that are new to the city. Also, I don't see people using the term hipster as positive necessarily. In fact one person in the reviews says that hipsters are getting on his nerves.

In general, our data will grow to be increasingly accurate as more people rate neighborhoods on our site. The reviews and comments will continue to highlight multiple viewpoints on each place as well. We also have a number of additional features planned that will allow us to get even more granular within the context of each neighborhood.

Thanks again for writing about us EV Grieve and if anyone wants to share ideas or thoughts, I'm available at Ann at

All the best,

Founder, NabeWise

blue glass said...

hipster was used a lot during the "jazz age" 60's and was never a compliment. i can't think of anyone that is a hipster today? can anyone tell me who is a hipster?

as for the gardens - i agree they are a great resource - but so many of them are not open much, and some of them have become "privatized" in the eyes of the gardeners.

good that there will be more attention paid to inform folks where the gardens are - also listing their hours and having more access would be even better.