Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blog mafia vs. Mafia Wars

Our friends in the local blogging community have been busy posting on the viral/littering ad campaign on our streets by Zygna, a San Francisco game developer based with investment from the locally owned Union Square Ventures. I'm sure you've seen those fake dollar bills plastered on sidewalks and other surfaces, particularly on Second Avenue

East Village Feed has been contacting Zygna and Union Square Ventures... Also, NYC the Blog has contacted the city about this. Per NYC the Tumblr:

Just got off the phone with the Sanitation department. They were not pleased to hear about the latest advertising campaign in Manhattan for Mafia Wars, by Union Square Venture backed Zygna.

In addition to requesting the locations of the illegal ads, (I gave them two I was sure of) Sanitation wanted the name and number of the company responsible.

Anyway, East Village Feed reports now that Zynga’s agency, Davis Elen, has responded and has committed to clean up the Mafia Wars campaign within a week.

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[Photo via East Village Feed]

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HippieChick said...

And they damn well SHOULD clean up their ill-advised, utterly stupid, annoying little stunt. I saw where some of the bills have been imperfectly and incompletely scraped off the concrete, but there's a lot more of them to go.

And I bet these tiresome twerps at the agency thought they were being so hip and cool and ironic by coming up with this campaign. Kick their bony asses back to the swamp they came from!