Monday, August 30, 2010

The mystery of the mysterious pylons in the Mystery Lot

Even the slightest activity in the Mystery Lot here on 13th Street always prompts the fear... So, now, what to think of these pylons....

... perhaps in place to mark a new construction project?

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blue glass said...

the 13th street lot was turned into a children's lot for many many years (when there were lots of children on the block).
the city tried to sell it several times but residents blocked the sale.
at one of the attempted sales of the lot the christadora house was sold for what seemed like a steal to "the lady in the red dress".
was this the start of gentrification?
chico painted a mural on the west wall of many of the folks that lived on the block, the kids that used the lot and many of those who helped create the lot.
as the children grew up the lot became more of a dog run.
in the late spring you can see wild strawberries growing on the 14th street side among the broken bricks, weeds and trash.