Friday, August 20, 2010

Billy Hurricane's looking to hire attractive, sexy, fun, loud and pushy female bartenders who are still in school — and rock

Our friends at East Village Feed had this listing earlier this week...

Billy Hurricane's, opening soon on Avenue B, is now hiring bartenders. Here's the job post via Craigslist.

Sexy Female Bartenders Wanted for Restaurant/Bar! (East Village)

Here we go ladies!!!
New location opening on Avenue B between 2nd & 3rd Street in the East Village!
Avenue B is a highly rated up and coming neighborhood with great places like Croxley's, Mama's, 7B, Poco's and many more!

The 'BH is a New Orleans inspired Restuarant & Bar with a touch of Bayou!
Great food! Lively Bar!! Rock to Reggaton Music!!! All About Rockin' and having a Fun Time!!!
Imagine a place like Hooter's and Coyote Ugly, with out the sketchy-ness! =)

Here is what we are looking for ladies...
- Attractive & Sexy!
- Bar Experienced or at least Very Ambitious!
- Reliable, Punctual & Professional
- Social-Network Savvy, ie; Facebook, Twitter, etc...
- Marketing Driven... More $ we make, the more $ you make!
- Entertaining, ie; costume nights, loud, fun, etc...
- Ages 21-26, in School a Plus!

You think you've got what it takes to 'Rock!?
Email us the following info... alongside a current picture;

College: (if applicable)
Facebook: (if applicable)
Twitter: (if applicable)
Bar Experience: (here or resume attachment)
Quick Biography: (Why you would be rockin' at the 'BH)

Please send ONLY the above info, just cut & paste! Simple.
We will get 100's of inquiries... so make an impression.

We are fun-lovin' guys... who are VERY easy to work for and with...
And remember, the more you promote and push... the more money we ALL can make!

Why do I suddenly want to listen to the Scorpions now?


Jeremiah Moss said...

withOUT the sketchiness?

EV Grieve said...

And are Hooters restaurants actually sketchy?

Anonymous said...

Help Billy Hurricane in his mission to kill satire!

kb said...

Just call the lawyers and have them start typing up the sexual harassment papers now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this place will be loud...

Lisa said...

Just too overwhelming and scattered a target, so I'll stick to this: "Avenue B is a highly rated up and coming neighborhood". My first thought was, "Whaaa?" My second was, "Do they know something about the EV rezoning I don't?" Yeah, this is just - mindboggling. (Oh and could I get some more info re that reference to "loud", please?)

Anonymous said...

@ kb--right on

Anonymous said...


Forget bedbugs. Now I'm gonna worry constantly about catching Billy Hurricanes cooties.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Lucy still kicks all their asses!

esquared™ said...

so, basically they're looking for a scary sadshaw, shouldn't be a problem finding one amongst the 64,000 that's about to arrive soon.