Monday, August 30, 2010

Extra Place now mostly graffiti free, though the toilet remains

In recent weeks, I've been taking photos of the graffiti along Extra Place, the aspiring Left Bank/pedestrian mall of the East Village...

I'm glad that I did this... because most of the graffiti was all just scrubbed away...

...however, the doorway that serves as a small shelter... where, depending on the day, you can find used condoms and needles, is still in use as a toilet...

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Lisa said...

Have you seen the side of the Verizon building?? It's been hit hard down the entire 13th Street side. Maybe they've given up and are just gonna leave it alone.

esquared™ said...

you scared me there for a moment, i thought the Anegelika on Houston... bet. Broadway and Mercer closed. had plans to go see Mesrine there this week, and the week after.

anyhoo, there's supposed to be a revival of old main street movie houses

apparently, not in Houston...Texas.