Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why well-groomed men of America now know about Community Board 3

First spotted this item over at Eater ... Ben Conniff, co-owner of Luke's Lobster on Seventh Street, wrote a piece for GQ about the eatery's attempt to get a beer/wine license from the CB3/SLA.

"Community Board Approval: Unlike the legal system, which makes decisions based on objective analysis of evidence, community boards prefer to rule by arbitrary gut feelings. In January I watched the board tear apart the underdressed owner of a family pizza restaurant because of a paperwork error he made five years ago. When it was my turn to go before the board, I wore a tie. Approved!"


Anonymous said...

The CB3/SLA process is pretty arbitrary, though I doubt such an article will make dealing with the community board any easier. Still, they have good lobster.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely should be arbitrary. People that follow the rules and won't fuck up the neighborhood with trash and noise should be approved. The assholes who run deliberate faux dive bars and want a noisy frathole crowd should be denied a license. Why is that hard to understand?

blue glass said...

we have more bars than any other neighborhood. there's nothing wrong with bars. it's the assholes that own them and the kids that go to them that are the problem and we have lots of those. too many. all the dorms provide an ever-changing temporary clientele for these bar owners that want their quick fix to wealth. and the sla is only concerned with the fines they can collect.
welcome to the neighborhood.

Bowery Boy said...

I don't care what kind of tie you wear, statistics prove that you will be out of business within 3-5 years. The area is just a mill of rotating bars. There must be a better way to hand out these covetted licenses.

If you live here, you just want some consistency and diversity, so that we don't have to fight a new battle every month. And then the CB is miffed when locals show up to support a business that has been in the area for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I like Luke's. Especially, since it's not a bar.