Sunday, August 22, 2010

Save our gardens

The East Villager checks in with an editorial on the preservation of our community gardens:

Why must the community gardens continue to be a battleground? Clearly, these green oases have become such integral parts of our communities. They provide so many benefits — to our health and nutrition (cleaning our air, yielding fruits, vegetables and herbs), to our sanity, to our quality of life and the very livability of our neighborhoods. All of that must surely be abundantly clear by now to our mayor and our Parks commissioner.

Read the whole editorial here. Read garden advocate Ben Shepard's piece on the matter on The Huffington Post.



Lisa said...

Why must they continue to be battlegrounds? Because this city's overlord - er, mayor - cannot see a patch of ground that doesn't have a glass tower on it without slavering, and because his asshole buddies are developers and destroyers of anything small, old and/or good. That's why.

Anonymous said...

I want them to add the wording that keeps the Gardens Free from poachers. You get my drift.

glamma said...

really terrifying. is there another protest planned?