Sunday, August 22, 2010

[Updated] Police investigating shooting on Second Avenue and Fifth Street

Police are investigating an early morning shooting on Second Avenue and Fifth Street near Sin Sin/Leopard Lounge. Police have recovered four shell casings from the scene.

Concerned neighbors recently met with Sin Sin management to discuss problems they were experiencing "as a result of Sin Sin's method of operation, ranging from people partying in their cars, to crowds on the street, trash and waste deposited by patrons, violence from patrons."

[Updated] Patrick Hedlund at DNAinfo has a follow-up on my report from this morning:

A man is in critical condition after being shot twice on a busy stretch of Second Avenue early Sunday morning, police said.

The unnamed victim, 43, was shot in the chest and arm at the corner of East Fifth Street at about 4 a.m., NYPD sources said.

He was transported to Bellevue Hospital and remains in critical condition, police said.

The club's owner, Philip Quilter, told DNA that he "didn't believe the people involved were inside the place at any point."

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blue glass said...

seems to me that there has been a lot of shootings recently.
anybody else notice the increase in violent crime in the east village?

EV Grieve said...

I've definitely noticed a more prominent police presence in Tompkins Square Park the last few weeks... shooing the travelers out in the evening... writing tickets for open container... they seem to be on the prowl for the more minor infractions....

Bob Arihood said...

Grieve , I was out wandering the streets last night late and saw several fights . In fact one group of drunk males came up to me and asked if " I wanted to rumble " making some agggressive gestures . I declined and walked away .Definitly something in the air or water or whatever last night .

Friday night avenue was also a contentous scene .Confrontations up and down the street . Some dude actually tried to take a bottle off the shelf at Niagara and walk out with it . He and his hipster friends got out the door but ...he was stopped and the cops showed up .

Apparently the bottle was broken and the thief was offered the choice of paying for the bottle or a trip to central booking . His freinds paid the bill and they left the scene .

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Bob. I wasn't out and about very late... I just saw the usual array of perennial Rush Week Party woo-wooers treating the EV to their brand of righteous self-absortion.

Anonymous said...

Bad drunken behavior in a real City setting makes for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Today is the anniversary of Taz's death outside Forbidden City.

EV Grieve said...

Didn't realize that today was the 1-year anniversary, anon.

Bowery Boy said...

At the recent SLA meeting, Susan Stetzer said that the East Village doesn't get the police attention that other neighborhoods get, because the EV doesn't have real crime like they do. Well, not that it's something to wish for, but maybe it's getting to that point soon.

glamma said...

there were also gunshots near 5th and c around 4:15 am on sat night. a lot of times i hear gunshots late at night around there, followed by short spells of ruckus, but the cops never come, even though they are right up the ave. weird.

dmbream said...

But what about the stickers on the sidewalk?!?

An editorial: