Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NYPD hosting meeting between Sin Sin and neighbors tonight

Lt. Patrick Ferguson of the Ninth Precinct has organized a meeting tonight at 7 between neighbors and Sin Sin's management. The meeting will take place at Sin Sin, 248 E. Fifth St.

In a post from last month, Stuart Zamsky, president of the East Fifth Street Block Association, called the bar combo on the corner of Fifth Street and Second Avenue, a "notoriously bad neighbor." Among the alleged disruptions: "Night after night of screaming, shouting into cell phones and loud music" and "fist fights are a common occurrence." (Their website advertises hosting birthday parties fro groups of 15 to 300.)

Last month, the CB3/SLA committee rejected Sin Sin's liquor license transfer. As Eater reported: "Neighbors came out in full swing ... with 20 showing up to oppose the transfer, claiming that Sin Sin was the source of countless brawls and noise issues in the neighborhood... Things got personal, as CB3 chair Dominic Pisciotta questioned whether the transfer applicants’ background in managing a Dunkin’ Donuts made them unqualified to take on a bar with such a troubled history."

So tonight: Will there be meaningful dialogue that gets to the root of the problem, or will management offer some olive branches such as, say, the cellphone number of the bouncer to call at 4 a.m. when patrons are yelling outside? Perhaps team Sin Sin can speak with the Lit Lounge owners, who have made strides in reducing the quality-of-life issues surrounding their club.

Residents who are directly impacted by Sin Sin are encouraged to attend tonight's meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the meeting be held on neutral ground?

EV Grieve said...

I agree, anon. Why not hold it in a community garden? Or a meeting room at the 9th?

Biebs said...

Why would a "neutral location" matter?

Isn't Sin Sin the logical place for the discussion?

In fact, it gives the opportunity to point out specific things within the club that can be done (If any). It's not like an athletic event with cheerleaders, I don't really think there's a logistical advantage to hosting the event.

Anonymous said...

this is ia perfect example of how hard it is for residents to live in peace with a problem establishment. a real dialogue will only be possible if the bar is facing closure.
10th street has battled for years with bars that tell us how they will improve the quality of our lives, bring us art and espresso, pose as galleries or restaurants (with no food), etc and end up as gathering places for beautiful people and meatheads, neither of whom give a damn about consideration for residents.
walk down any street, every bar has a sign telling their patrons to consider the residents. why bother? especially with bloomberg's no smoking laws (the worst law ever, especially since smoking is LEGAL).
if you care and get involved it can take up all your spare time, and many of your working hours, sometimes for years on end.
the meat head police sounds to me like a good start.

Anonymous said...

While I dislike people congregating to smoke on the sidewalks, I love that inside restaurants and bars I can enjoy my time, smoke free. Perhaps if second hand smoke wasn't unsafe, I'd feel differently, but I appreciate that I do not have to be surrounded by it.

Richard D James said...

It's weird, I have only been to Sin Sin on weekdays, but every time (I have been forced to) go there, that place is EMPTY.

Could definitely be that it's a weekday though.

EV Grieve said...

Have never been to Sin Sin... to be honest, until just recently, I didn't even realize they had the Leopard Lounge place too...