Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy ideas of the week: Turn Ray's into a tiki bar

The East Villager has a Page 1 feature this week on Barry Kushelowitz’s tiki-rich apartment on Seventh Street...

[Photo by J.B. Nicholas]

Here's an excerpt that's rather funny and, probably, a little alarming...:

Does he have any interest in opening up his own tiki-themed establishment? Yes, he says, but real estate in New York is too expensive and the city has become too "sterilized." One idea he has is to use his collection to turn Ray’s Candy Store, on E. Seventh St. and Avenue A, into a tiki bar, with Ray Alvarez, the store's owner, as emcee.

"Ray could come down at night and tell stories," Kushelowitz said. "He's got a million stories."

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Melanie said...

JB Nicholas' photo is great!!