Friday, August 6, 2010

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

When Campbell Soup wrote to Andy Warhol (Letters of Note, via BoingBoing)

The Grumbler considers the fab (and fake?) abs ads (The Grumbler)

Selling 341-343 Bowery in 1954 (BoweryBoogie)

Tales from Times Square (Stupefaction, and This Ain't the Summer of Love has the NSFW Times Square short film....Rump Humpers?)

More pics from '96-2000 (Flaming Pablum)

Catch Goggla and other artists at the Hester Street Fair (The Gog Log)

A new business has already called dibs on the former Beauty Crisis space on Seventh Street...

And would someone please give me a hand with this? Thanks!

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