Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

Miniatures for dwellers of the urban underbelly (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

A look at Hendrix 40 years later (NME)

NYU takes it expansion summer tour to CB2 (Runnin' Scared)

Anxious about LES gentrification, 1977 (Patell and Waterman’s History of New York)

And now — 3 Sheets Saloon (BoweryBoogie)

Pics from Dog That Bites Everyone at Csquat (Slum Goddess)

Save our community gardens! (The Gog Log)

Jill goes to Rock Rock Rockaway Beach (Blah Blog Blah)

Making-that-small-East-Village-space-livable piece everyone is talking about for some reason (Core 77)

And via EV Grieve reader Lambert Jack... recently spotted on Attorney near Houston.... Jerry's folks piggybacking on Sammy's posters...

By evening, the flyer had been torn down. Maybe Jerry had been found...


Anonymous said...

Oh Sammi ... won't see him no more

Bob Arihood said...

From Jill's photos it looks like folks are getting baptized in the same magic spot where Amy and Jewels were married 3 years ago by Sid "the Nazi" in the rites of Oden .

glamma said...

god do i love richard hell..