Monday, August 16, 2010

It wouldn't be a CB3/SLA meeting without a Superdive scratch!

In the last six months, Superdive has been on the CB3/SLA agenda five times for a transfer, alteration, etc. ... and each time, the Superdivers have been a scratch... the keg-tappin' gang is now off tonight's agenda too...

They need to go for nine!

Seriously, though, I asked Superdive officials what is happening... when I last checked in with them, they were at the beach... Via e-mail:

... at the beach right now in fact!
Still undecided in regards to landlord's generous buyout proposal (he really wants a neighborhood restaurant for space)... adjourned till September. Got to roll, surf is calling!

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Breaking: "Fear not — the SUPERDIVE sign burns brightly!"

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