Monday, August 2, 2010

Protecting community gardens: Sunflower Jess climbs a tree and gets arrested

Here's some video of Sunflower Jess getting arrested for climbing a tree in City Hall Park during Time's Up! Harvest Day of Action to Save the Community this morning...

(Here's the press release on the Harvest Day.)

...and here is video of the Paul Revere ride from last Thursday that started in Tompkins Square Park...

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Protect our community gardens

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kim said...

bless, bless the folks who gave their time to defend the gardens - arrr arrr, of a good lineage they arrr, of the line of those who have dressed up, marched, and kazooed for rights of folks to have a little wild space in this elbow to elbowville we call home - orrr, for other just and righteous causes.
and bless this griever who also gives time and space for the bigger ev to come together over a cyberwave, to celebrate or mourn, to grieve, as we will.
life, blissful, short - ultimately short.